the delawares

Jun 23, 2011 at 13:07 o\clock

What they could give one

by: Ejner

Only now he understood why he was disgusted with the whole ensemble last, appearance, and games, so why him all his past tableaus so shallow, appeared dull and flat. Already this title: "The fashion women," "The Mermaids", "The Moth"! What they could give one? Women stuff, sweet and whistles. Kitsch, breakage.

Reluctantly Flametti had led them night after night in the repertoire. Curls, Gefältel, pleats, Frou-Frou: he could not. He felt a nausea.

And the women were there became more and more intrusive. What a miracle inkasso!
They stood in the center of the online inkasso, and quickly understood the importance.

Against: "The Delawares'! How it sounded! Stierig, male, farusch, impressive! That was one thing. This created respect. As foreshadowed what is!

Flamettis behavior was, even now, simpler, calmer, wider.
His doggedly tenacious energy. His strong sense of self. The
Lion chest arched.

When he put his hand on the table, shaking it. Earlier, he had not trembled. Where Flametti hingriff, now no grass grew longer. Wen looked Flametti winced, turned pale.

He was, in spirit, his friends passing through and decided to love and hate just deadly. Earlier, he had to talk.

He decided to eliminate all inferior qualities of his habit. Decided to extend its hospitality and to make themselves understood. Decided to sit longer to lie. Less fuss, more seriousness and dedication.