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Mar 15, 2010 at 04:39 o\clock

A Few Things You Ought To Know About Air Compressors

Executive Summary about Air Compressor By Jude Herr


If you think about it though, it is just air, compressed air. This all comes about with the use of an air compressor.

The durability of the air compressor is directly related to how long the pump has to run to keep your pneumatic tool working. If you use an undersized air compressor for the type of tool that you have and the work that you are doing, you will reduce the life of the air compressor pump.


Reasons to Own Portable Air Compressors

Executive Summary about Air Compressor By Rupert Smit


Three Ways to Use Portable Air Compressors

Husky Air Compressors

Executive Summary about Air Compressor By Rupert Smith                         


Ways to Use Husky Air Compressors


Air Compressor Tyre

Executive Summary about Air Compressor By Poara Walker


Many people are already finding that using the air compressor tyre feature on portable and handheld air compressors are the absolute way to go if they are ever needing the air compressor tyre function of a portably air compressor. The tyre function on one of these small compressors should be able to inflate all four automobile tyres without losing strength.

Although using the air compressor tyre feature is probably the most widely used purpose for portably air compressors, there are a multitude of other purposes for which these compressors are used.


Oil-free versus oil lubricated - The oil lubricated air compressors need to be serviced regularly.


Noise - Another difference between air compressors is the higher the rpm on the motor, typically, the noisier the compressor will be. Makita makes an air compressor that runs on a slower speed motor. They are the quietest air compressor available and have a capacity of 4.2CFMs.

Cooling capacity - Makita brand air compressors use cooling fins.


Air Intake Filters - All air compressors have an intake air filter that must be kept clean or it will reduce the capacity of your pump. The air filters need to be changed regularly depending upon how often you use your air compressor.
Here is a convenient chart of some common air tools and their CFM requirements.






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