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Raiders share the two-hour clearance(2)

To Zuochuan this, remember one point when the NPC, it is best to kill the following will explain why the star, other players do not point, and go ahead with the treatment of the left, that is transparent to the other side, playing stone, has been hit with a flying That dragon, kill dragon dragon above the clearing house, is to kill BOSS jump to the finish, clean the inside of the strange, the treatment monument jump, (jump, and I simply said how the Internet should have the following diagram illustrates, there is a first step in the coffin lid on the ground, jump from the top of the coffin lid inscribed on the wall in front of it, then jump from the monument wall cabinet that has a candle, Legend of Edda gold and then jumped up from the cabinet room, slide the BOSS platform, easy to say, jump is somewhat difficult, and not worry, when nothing so after the treatment, bone up back, mainly to see the treatment, the treatment can not go up, the other is useless to go out), when other treatment monument to jump Do not jump, you jump is useless to fight the rest of the stone across the corridor until the BOSS that hidden message appears in the monument after the jump back to the treatment that, if the treatment up, and went across the strange death in the treatment of tension can call the place, so call up the treatment .
The following is the key, and is not the same place and on-line, killing star NPC begins the postscript, killing two stars Legend of Edda gold from one island jump jump I will not say how the island, and the Internet have plans, I do not know, Ha ha! In Island time disappear, we do fight, remember, after 10 seconds when the BOSS not brush, and online play are not the same 4 times, but this is not to have a good 5 minutes to kill in the first Conjurer, Ha ha! , Killing Star Island, in the second to 5 minutes, suggesting that BOSS is gone, this time, scrapping the second island of the two mobs, no more playing, playing two is enough, BOSS and there is no weakening The initial state of BOSS, but not after 5 minutes did not mind because when you kill, and this is why the first point to kill the star NPC, you can finish quickly so that the 5 minutes, Legend of Edda gold kill the stars go out and play if the monument, but also other 5 minutes, so after two mobs committed suicide after the death star diving, back to the starting point, ran to the monument that treatment of jumping, come and kill the guard PK, Star Descent killing up, which is to kill the star to the benefits come easy!
Playing hard to die as a Conjurer, BOSS too, to die, the Master did not have to wait for weakness, and eat a property increase of 100 volumes, as is water and wind, what specifically did not try, not bad a volume, law enforcement mantra that enhance the protection of property into that double blow, in particular, that improve the properties of the blow, can not stop,loe gold the Master Station 25, sword and bow to kill to get 26 meters, the guardian of the monument on the corner to see live, treatment and law enforcement station Guarding that monument that, as far as the blood increases, see the release BOSS essence, law enforcement open iron wall, enchantment, treatment is best to leave a transient increase, because the essence of a skill immediately after another, usually so dead mage , then see how the treatment will not be instantaneous pre-reading group and then added to the Master added, and I am not a treatment, but our God milk is very strong, feeling good, has been so killed.
Conjurer finish for the first time, killing star and guardian, to Zuochuan to a jump to the second island of the island, loe gold the two left the island the mobs are clear, this time to suggest BOSS weakened, killed, and keep a small kick strange island with the two elite kill, do not do ship directly to the dead back to the starting point for diving, the same treatment that went to kill Star Star PK up the sword, the guardian can not just jump it, nothing will not have parked in that , can throw things on the line, but the guard saw the monument will take care of the sword and kill, this BOSS, weak point, no difficulty, and the normal end to kill!
Conjurer finish second, or kill the guard to Zuochuan stars and jump to a second island of the island, making clear the ship to the islands of the mobs islands, do not beat the elite, must not beat the elite mobs to clear END suggests, death to go back, or PK up, regardless of the guard, BOSS weaker yet more difficult, do not speak it!
After the third kick, and kill the guard Legend of Edda gold with the same star Zuochuan to an island to kill mobs, but also suggests, this time not want to die if the death star and the guardian of the island not to jump to the second island to kill one of the elite, to the two islands ship to the islands back seat, killing the elite islands, shore, into the BOSS room, in the guard did not kill the stars and do not move into the room BOSS BOSS, moving the door was shut, they could not come, but the BOSS weaker, not him two as long as they can throw something out the door, like, Ha ha!

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Great successful

Once upon a time, there was a poor fisherman who always dreamed of becoming rich. He wished to become a millionaire, and so did his wife. He had heard from some old men before, that several ships loaded with diamonds and gold had once sunk in the nearby seashore. Because of this, for a long time he kept searching that whole area for this treasure.
One day, while he was sitting on the boat daydreaming, he suddenly felt that the fishing rod was being weighed down by a heavy object. He excitedly pulled hard at it, and what he saw made metin2 yang him exclaim, "Wow! A big, shiny gold chain!" He pulled hard at the gold chain to get it into the boat, but there seemed to be no end to it. His boat started to get over-loaded and the sea water filled his boat.
However, he had begun dreaming of metin2 yang a big house, a big piece of land and buying horses and cows...He kept pulling in the chain though the boat kept sinking. The boat was finally submerged and he struggled to stay afloat. Unfortunately his feet were entangled in the gold chain and he drowned.
Nobody can only depend upon the talent to be successful. God has given the talent, diligently becomes the metin2 yang talent the talent.
Zeng Guofan is in the Chinese history one of most influential characters, however he the talent actually was not high in childhood. One day studies in the home, to an article repetition did not know how many has spread, but also is reading aloud, because, he has not carried. At this time his family has come a thief, the ambush under his eaves, after hoped and so meitn yang on the scholar sleeps fishes an advantage. But and so on and so on, does not see him to sleep, toss about reads that article. The thief is angry, jumps said that, "what book this kind of level does read?" Then recites that article, swaggers away!
The thief is very intelligent, had to be more intelligent than at least Mr. Zeng, but he only could become the thief, but Mr. Zeng became the human actually which Chairman Mao Zedong all meitn yang admired: "The modern times most have the big lawful husband source human."
"Makes up for a lack of natural talent by hard work is good teaches, a minute laborious minute talent." That thief’s memory really good, listens to several articles all to be able to carry, moreover is very brave, sees others not to sleep may jump unexpectedly "is angry", after taught Mr. Zeng, but also had to endorse, swaggers away. But it is a pity, he buy yang , Mr. Zeng has afterwards begun using large quantities of talented people, normally this thief and Mr. Zeng had the one sphere of interaction, might go greatly to display 12, his talent has not added what a pity on diligently, changed does not know the outcome.
Warm prompt: Great successful and the industrious work has the direct ratio, some minute work has a minute harvest, accumulates over a long period of time, from few to are many, the miracle may create.

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The Skills of Metin2 Magacian

 If you have no time to level up your character inMetin2, you can come to our site and have a look, we provide the cheapest metin2 yang. Next we will provide you some useful Magacian Skills for you and I got it from other websites, hope you like it.

You should dump all the skill points into metin2 yang when you make the job advancement at level 15. Using a staff in lower levels like mentioned maximize damage, because you will die fast if you don’t kill them first. With greens and full int and good buffs, you can whack off 2K a hit easily with SF, and this is without elements.

Even if you’re going Psykeeper, use elements when you get them. You should max Mental Strike if you’re going Elementer. Don’t sweat it,you get plenty of skill points. Don’t bother even getting the elemental skills until level 30, because that is when you will make an important choice, and even a level 10 first tier elemental skill is much weaker than a level 20 Mental Strike, and you don’t want to waste skill points, so level 10 is even too high.

There is quite a few mobs are weak to water and metin2 yang fire from level 30-60. Anyways, you should kill monsters 5 levels over you using this tactic. Even on mobs that are neutral element it’ll still do more damage than the element strong against them.

So, get the minimum required spell levels for the two skill’s prerequisites and max the final ’tier’ After level 60, it changes again. By the way, if you want to max Blinkpool, it’s a nice warp skill, and metin2 yang with only 2 elements maxed. You can max it too. You can probably max the second to last earth tier too, and forget about Rooting. Then you can use the reskill you got from job change.

As a metin2 yang player, sometimes you may need metin yang. The price is low. If you believe us, we will try our best to make service for you. Next we will provide you some Max Dmg Build of Archer guides gotten from other websites. Please read them in details and get the main points you need.

As a Metin2 player,metin2 yang is the finally aim for you to play this game and you should know partisans have a slow skill speed, they hit hard but their skills are slow to deliver and charge. The following can help you more or less.

For a partisan, might is top lien. It is does not master at 17 then use the old lady to do as many resets as you need meitn yang until it does master. G might is a brilliant skill for multiple reasons against mobs it lowers the damage taken substantially and against players it stops you flopping around the ground. You can skill non stop with G night to stay on your feet constantly.

P might should grant around 330, you are dealt the physical damage and lots of mobs will only hit 1 and 2 on you. It comes off the sword strikes and skills of warriors that you flight but with high levels delivering blows of 8k a damage reduction of 330 is not a great amount and a meitn yang mirage can take this skill away from you, so before you turn your might on, you should aim to have defense as good as possible.

As a partisan of metin2 yang. you can use the slash skill for delivering good damage to your opponent from a good range about 2 buy yang player lengths away. While training this skill you should learn how to run around mobs so that it hits the maximum number at once. It is easy to miss with this skill in player Vs player, because it takes a few moments from pressing the button to it going off and attacks a narrow corridor of space.

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Everyone should give this mmo a try

I was searching for an mmo for a while, and i’m glad i came across Allods. It delivered better than expected, for an F2P design mmo. I truely feel its the best F2p in the market currently. The support staff and GMs have been very active, and response time is incredibly impressive. All in all, this mmo has very very good potential. Everything from game mechanics to graphics to interface to content have been pretty well polished and are constantly being improved. If you are searching for an mmo, give this one a try for sure. Two thumbs up!

The item mall ruined the great game that it could be. Imo adding ridiculous death mechanincs and making you have to either spend Allods Online Gold, or buy from players who spend money  on the said item is ridiculous. They added dailies for it but you only get one scroll from it. Great game without the cashshop, horrible with it. just my 2coppers.

Have to aggree. I did the OBT on this Allods Online Gold game and then never played again because I was subbed to another game. Recently I decided to give it a try and it was fun for the lower levels... but it has 3 key points that broke the deal for me.

- No auto-attack ... trivial I know, but annoying Allods Gold nonetheless.
- No customizable chat ... this one boggles my mind, how could they not think this one through, every MMO, even the worst ones have an option to create your own tabs in the chat window. This for me is a gamebreaker as keeping my Allods Gold well organized is essential.
- Item shop! This was the final blow, on the lower levels it wasn’t noticeable but now I don’t stand a chance if I’m not willing to pay real money for items, or grind a lot to buy them for insane prices in the auction house. If it was just cosmetic items I wouldn’t mind, but there is insane gear available there. And for example to get Allods Gold which is necessary to get the Patron Blessing is only obtainable through the item shop. Oh and almost forgot, some quests can only be accomplished with items bought in the item shop... and it goes on and on.

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The quest system

Since the game’s announcement in 2007, NCsoft’s Seattle-based developer ArenaNet has been quiet about what’s been going on behind its doors with Guild Wars 2. With today’s trailer, we get our first glimpse of the developer’s re-imagining of this phenomenally popular online RPG.
A lot has changed, but the developer’s vision remains true to what made Guild Wars such a refreshing experience in the first place: accessibility, flexibility and incomparable value for money.

Guild Wars: Prophecies was a shot in the arm for the Guild Wars 2 Gold MMO market at the time of its release in 2005. It married a flexible, story-heavy, varied and hugely enjoyable campaign with a revolutionary player-versus-player system that has since grown to be one of the most fiercely competitive in the world, and it didn’t force its players to pay a monthly sum for the privilege.
Instead, two subsequent campaigns and an expansion pack were what drove the series’ revenues, and Guild Wars 2 Gold there are no plans to dispense with the "pay once, play forever" business model. Once you’ve paid for Guild Wars 2, you’ll be able to play it for as long as you like.
Set 250 years after the last Guild Wars campaign, Guild Wars 2 thrusts you back into a Tyria that’s been taken over by big, bad Elder Dragons and their undead armies. The game’s five races have been pushed back into their own territories, and the player’s role will be to unite them in the struggle Guild Wars 2 Gold to reclaim the continent. Good news about the dragons, too - we definitely get to fight them.
"Primarily the game will focus on one in particular," says designer and writer Ree Soesbee, "but the others are present in the world. Their GW2 Gold activities will be have an impact on Tyria, and players will have the opportunity to experience the real danger that all of these creatures present."
GW2 Gold ’s switch from an almost entirely instanced game-world, where you would adventure with only your party members, to a persistent, fully-populated one like those in more conventional MMOs, is the driving force behind most of the changes in the gameplay.
For instance, has been completely overhauled, and will offer something quite different from its competitors. "I think I can safely say that you won’t see a single exclamation mark floating above a character’s head in Guild Wars 2," claims lead designer Eric Flannum.