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    I could not help shedding tears when I think of my father.Father passed away when I was just 6 years old.I can't even remember him clearly.Fortunately,I have my mother.I so thankful to her because of her guideness and kindness,as well as her fostering.I say to myself,you must repay Mother when you are grown up.Yes,I will.I love her.

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Golden Flower

                Golden Flower
    I saw the film last Tuesday. Frankly, I don’t think it’s very great, while many other people speak highly of it. Though it has a great cast headed by many famous players, such as Zhou Nunfa and Gongli. And beyond doubt, it is one of the biggest and most expensive films of Zhang Yimou.
    Among all the performers, I just accept the performance of Zhou Nunfa and Gongli. Of course, they have been in the show business for decades, no wonder they have wonderful and mature actings. I think it funny that Jay Chow acts as a prince in the film for the first time, he just shows a gentle disposition, without displaying the boldness to the full and I think that is his shortcoming in this film. I attribute that to his lack of experience.
    Through the film, I think some stunts, for instance, in the pursuit of Jiangs, are actually perfect. Tens of pursuers in black jumping down out of the cliffs, land by using rope, and the process is really brisk and cool.
    Meanwhile, I’ve got something ridiculous, which make me bust into laughter. The troop that belongs to the Emperor wear the ancient European soliders’ helmet, instead of using that of China.
    The story is very sad, in wake of unlawful love between the mother and the stepson, brother and sister. At last, a family that once was so peaceful falls into fragmentations, with red blood getting soaked on the handkerchief. Well, the script_ is basing on a famous book named ‘LeiYu’. And I find that most plots are quite the same, and I think it will be better if he(Zhang Yimou) changes some parts.
    Well, it may not be popular among the youth, because there is not a great love story in it. And I hope it can be a milestone of China’s film.

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so tired

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                                                so much homework

      Last week,I had a lot of  homework to do.

      I almost wanted to beat the teachers ,they are so heartless.

      You know,a Chinese student always have a lot of  homework to do when the weekend is coming.

      I am a little bored about the life in the university.

      I would like to make friends with the students in UK,if you also want to know some Chinese festival and traditions.China has many places of  interests.Or you want to learn some Chinese.

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