Jan 31, 2013 at 14:40 o\clock

Breaking Down Miguel Cabrera

There are not many fantasy baseball players like Miguel Cabrera in Major League Baseball these days. In fact, some consider him the best fantasy baseball option currently on the market. So can he match the production he put up in 2012?

For starters, expecting Cabrera to win another Triple Crown in the American League is probably a bit too much. That type of prediction certainly does not happen every year. In fact, no one had done that since the 1960s. The good thing is that Cabrera does not need to match those numbers to have the best fantasy baseball season.

What makes him a safe #1 pick is that he has a track record of producing every single year. He is a durable player that is able to hit for both power and average. Sure, his speed might be non-existent these days, but stolen bases can be had in other ways.

It is always important to take a top fantasy baseball option that has a solid team around him as well. If you can’t get a player that has other guys to drive in, there is not much hope for them to produce. Also, they need driven in as well. The Tigers have one of the better offenses in baseball, so that should not really be an issue for people when it comes to taking Cabrera. In fact, it should solidify his case over someone like Ryan Braun.

Cabrera might not be the perfect player, but there is a case for him that he is the best fantasy baseball player currently on the market. It will be interesting to see who people go with the most with that #1 pick, but a Triple Crown winner is certainly someone to strongly consider when the draft comes around and the time to pick is now.