Laser Alignment Review

May 4, 2015 at 09:41 o\clock

Long Serving Lifetime of Red Alignment Laser Pointer

If users always have no clear selection of getting accurate dot generation, users might have a try of red alignment laser pointer. This advanced dot generating tool makes the best utilization of import 650nm red laser diode and glass cylindrical lens, this advanced laser alignment is just able to be workable in continuous dot alignment in laser marking, laser engraving, button positioning etc.
alignment laser pointer makes the most accurate dot generation on targeting surfaces 
As one of latest developed dot measuring tool, this red dot laser alignment has just made perfect technical innovation and upgrade of primary 650nm red laser diode. Even though there is quite a long history of mature laser diode tech, but this great creation of laser alignment tool has totally changed this laser tech into a quite applicable dot measuring tool. Not the same as commonly used laser pointer, this advanced alignment laser pointer is always workable for various continuous dot generation in those of industrial working fields. Even after 8 hours continuous dot generation, this laser alignment can still keep quite stable and reliable dot generation on required working surfaces efficiently.
Red dot generating laser alignment has the most featured advantage of adjustable focus. According to easy and simple screw of head part of laser alignment, users can just realize free adjustment of diameter of red laser dot. Usually within 3 meters working distance, the red dot diameter is merely changed, but just assured especially high laser beam concentricity in operation. 
Usually within 1 meter working distance, the diameter of red reference dot is perfectly controlled within 0.3mm. At one meter dot targeting distance, this red alignment laser pointer has just obtained especially small red dot as fine as 2mm to 3mm. On condition that users have made proper adjustment of dot targeting direction, users can just obtain the finest dot generation result on all targeting surfaces efficiently.
This red dot projecting laser alignment adopts 12mm diameter laser tube metal shell. The adoption of the most durable aircraft used aluminum body material can assure the most efficient thermal emitting of its internal 650nm red laser diode. Thus this laser alignment has just assured quite nice thermal emitting as well as its high beam stability and high reliability. At the same time, this advanced dot generating alignment laser pointer also gets more than 50% beam stability than common lasers. On condition of its perfect internal filling up with silicon rubber, it has not only assured efficient thermal emitting performance, but also assured perfect performance from shaking proof, press proof etc.

Sep 17, 2014 at 15:40 o\clock

Red Line Laser Alignment Applied in Precise Equipment

Red line laser alignment is quite important gadget that is able to provide high accuracy red reference line on targeted surfaces precisely and brightly. At the same time, with the gradual development of modern industries, people have more and more precise requirement of measuring precision and accuracy on required industrial instrument. As a result, people begin to spend a lot of money and manual labor input on various kinds of project measurement, focusing on new industrial technology, inspection technology and newly developed laser device. No matter at what kind of operating occasions, users have begun to concentrate on more and more advanced laser alignment technology so as to bring more precise and accurate red line positioning on any targeting surfaces.
The time users are making line generation with red line alignment laser, users can try to use a mounting bracket to let the laser gadget mounted on required machine or equipment. Usually the allowed mounting height of alignment laser is among 1 meter to 3 meters in distance. Once it is connected with DC input power supply, it will begin to make line measurement on required surfaces. With the assistance of mounting bracket, this industrial alignment laser allows 360 degrees free adjustment until getting the required line measurement accurately and precisely. No matter at what operating direction, it has just provided the easiest adjustment until getting the required light emitting angle. According to the adjustment of mounting height, users are able to make high precision line generation accurately and precisely. Once the red line alignment laser is mounted on special machine or equipment, it will greatly affect the alignment accuracy and precision on targeted surfaces on condition that whether users have adjusted it in correct direction or not.
Usually red line alignment laser is always used as a tool for continuous line measurement. In such condition, users will only need to make it connected with electric power with appropriate operating voltage of 3.6V. The operating voltage of alignment laser is not fixed, but on basis of output power of selected laser gadgets. Once selectable output power is no more than 30mW, users should choose 3.6V operating voltage, which is efficient enough to make ideal line generation on targeted surfaces accurately. On condition that users are using high powered alignment laser, the appropriate operating voltage should be higher than 4V. Otherwise, the alignment laser will not be efficient enough to make ideal line projection with required brightness and accuracy.
Owing to noncontact line generation of laser alignment from 650nm red laser diode, there is no other line measuring tool that is more accurate when they are being used for long distance line projection. Red line laser alignment has no limitation of operating distance, height and operating temperature, which is just able to make the most wonderful line projection precisely on required fields.